Clinical Results for Dark Spots

Dark Spot Corrector

Blinded, randomized, split-face clinical trial was conducted in February 2013 to compare MD Complete Dark Spot Corrector against Clinique Dark Spot Corrector which is the leading department store product for the treatment of facial hyperpigmentation and photo aging. Twenty-nine (29) participants ages 35-60 with mottled pigmentation and photo-damaged facial skin were recruited; consented and randomly assigned left/right side of face for usage of MD Complete Dark Spot Corrector (Treatment A) versus Clinique Even Better Dark Spot Corrector (Treatment B). Participants used a gentle cleanser on both sides of their face morning and evening. They applied a pearl-sized amount of each treatment (MDC Dark Spot Corrector and Clinique Even Better Dark Spot Corrector) to the designated half of their face, avoiding eyes both morning and evening. In the morning, subjects also applied an SPF 50 facial moisturizer to both sides of their face. The study was twelve weeks and conducted under the supervision of a clinical investigator. Evaluations of efficacy included two blinded physicians evaluating overall hyperpigmentation using the following grading scale: overall hyperpigmentation: 0 = none, 1 = trace, with light hyperpigmentation involving small areas, 2 = mild, with moderate hyperpigmentation involving small areas OR light hyperpigmentation involving moderate areas, 3 = moderate, with moderate hyperpigmentation involving moderate areas OR light hyperpigmentation involving all areas and 4 = severe, with marked hyperpigmentation. MD Complete average grading improved from 2.34 at baseline to 1.91 after 12 weeks. Clinique average grading improved from 2.40 at baseline to 2.14 after 12 weeks. MD Complete reduction (-0.431) was 67% greater than Clinique reduction (-0.259).