How to Use Multiple Skincare Products

How to Use Multiple Skincare Products

For skincare products to be effective, you need to apply them in the correct order. To help things go smoothly, commit this mantra to memory: cleanse, treat, moisturize, protect.

To help maximize your skincare routine, we've listed the what/when to apply—with tips for getting the most out of each step!

Washing Well

Cleanse in the evening with a gentle, non-foaming cleanser. Choose one that effectively removes makeup and locks in hydration, such as the Restoring Cleanser.

Tip: Skip the cleanser in the morning. Instead, simply wash with warm water and gently buff with a washcloth. This helps protect skin’s moisture barrier and prevents stripping due to over-washing.

About Those Eyes

Now's the time to apply an eye treatment. This ensures that residue from other products doesn't irritate eyes or delicate skin. Using your ring finger, apply Eye Wrinkle Corrector or other eye cream to the outer “crow’s feet” and underneath the eyes.

Tip: Never overlook the eye area in your skincare routine, and start using an eye wrinkle treatment early. Because skin around this area is so delicate, it reveals neglect sooner than any other area.

Ready, Aim, Target

Apply targeted treatments at this point, so that the active ingredients can be effectively absorbed. This includes those with Retinol, Vitamin C, even Benzoyl Peroxide. For multiple treatments, apply them from the lightest to the heaviest. Think of a spectrum from serum to cream, with serums being lightest.

Since targeted treatments contain high levels of potent ingredients, start slow and increase usage. For example, if using Dark Spot Corrector and Wrinkle & Radiance Remedy together, start by using Dark Spot Corrector every other morning and Wrinkle & Radiance Remedy every other evening. On week two, apply Dark Spot Corrector each morning and Wrinkle & Radiance Remedy each evening. On week three, apply both in the AM and PM.

Tip: Massage skincare treatments gently, but intently, into skin. This releases the active ingredients and promotes absorption.

Be Pro-Moisture

If you use moisturizer, apply it now, after targeted treatments. Hydration and moisturization are essential to keeping skin youthful and radiant looking. Keeping skin hydrated also reinforces the protective skin barrier, which keeps it healthy.

Tip: You can get more out of a moisturizer that multi-tasks. Some perform double-or even triple-duty, such as our Deep Moisturizer, which hydrates, brightens and reduces the look of lines.