The Dark Spot Hand Challenge

The Dark Spot Hand Challenge

Did you know dark spots are one of the most common skin concerns amongst both men and women? After all the sun exposure during the summer months, as well as the natural process of aging, darks spots tend to be more prominent in the fall, making it the perfect season to dive back into your skincare routine to achieve and maintain a healthy complexion just in time for the winter months ahead.

The Inspiration

An actual client, who routinely uses MD Complete Dark Spot Corrector, rubbed the excess product onto her right hand after applying it to her face, rather than rinsing off her hands. After about a month of using the product, she looked down at her hands only to realize the dark spots on her right hand had significantly faded. She was astounded by what she saw, so she took a picture and sent it in to us. This visible improvement was the tangible evidence she needed to be sure that the product does actually work.

About the Challenge

Dark Spot Corrector is the only dark spot remover clinically proven to deliver the same results as in-office laser treatments and is 67% more effective than the leading department store brand.

Now, see the dramatic results for yourself by taking the 90-day Dark Spot Hand Challenge!

How to Participate in the Challenge

  1. First, take a ‘before’ picture of the back of each of your hands.
  2. For the next 90 days, after applying Dark Spot Corrector to your face, apply one small pea-sized amount of Dark Spot Corrector to the back of your right hand once daily.
  3. Then, after 90 days, take an ‘after’ picture of the back of each of your hands. (Or you could have someone else take a picture of your hands side-by-side like in the image below).
  4. Post your ‘before’ and ‘after’s’ on your personal Facebook account and tag MD Complete Skincare.
  5. Finally, send your pictures to and we’ll send you a FREE full-size Dark Spot Corrector!

Get started with one of our bestselling dark spot systems!

And to boost results: The best practice in a dermatologist office combines our Dark Spot Corrector with either a prescriptive retinoid or our Wrinkle & Radiance Remedy (which, in clinical testing, was shown to be as effective as a prescriptive retinoid).  The Wrinkle & Radiance Remedy will accelerate results and significantly improve your overall outcome.


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