Don't Be Tricked By Skincare Myths

Don't Be Tricked By Skincare Myths

With all the myths circulating the internet, it’s hard to decipher fact from fiction. Don’t be tricked by these false and deceptive claims. We’re here to fill you in everything you need to know so you use only the best products for your skin!

Trick #1: Press or Tap Product into the Skin

Have you ever heard that you need to gently press or tap product into your skin in order to prevent wrinkles?

Conceptually, this makes sense. Especially around the eyes, the skin is much more sensitive. But practically—this is completey false. Many of the most effective in-office laser treatments actually work by breaking down and wounding the skin tissue so it grows back stronger and firmer (similar to resistance training for your muscles). There is absolutely no relation between your application technique and the rate at which you will age. So, while influencers and bloggers may lead you to believe that rubbing or pulling on your skin might encourage wrinkles, there is zero clinical evidence to back this claim.

Trick #2: Natural Products are Chemical-Free & Better For You

Whenever possible, MD Compete uses vitamins and nutrients that have been sourced from nature. We do this because we believe naturally derived nutrients are surrounded by other micronutrients that are designed to be more effective. We also believe it’s critically important to use only ingredients that can be used safely on your skin—clean materials that cause no harm.

Now, we’re going to clarify a few facts:

  1. Natural ingredients are not chemical-free. Natural ingredients are filled with chemicals, and these very chemicals work with your chemistry to help you achieve your desired results.
  2. Natural ingredients are not necessarily better or safer. Remember—Radon, Arsenic and Poison Ivy are natural!
  3. Natural ingredients often require very complex combinations, some of which are good for your skin, but others which may inhibit your desired results.

Trick #3: Cellulite Creams

While we wish there was a magic ingredient or product that could smooth away our cellulite forever, the reality is, there is no clinically proven ingredient or home remedy that is capable of such a feat. If there were, you would have absolutely seen the clinical data to prove it! Don’t be tricked into believing these lofty claims.

Trick #4: Instant Results

n just 12 hours! The promise of instant results—it’s remained one of the most frequently used marketing tactics over the past ten years. But honestly, considering the skin’s structure and function, claims like this are fraudulent.

Here’s what you can realistically expect from your skincare. Some masks, peels and high potency retinoids can deliver dramatic improvements relatively quickly, within a day or two. They accomplish this by accelerating skin cell turnover, releasing and removing dead skin cells to remove a smoother surface that better reflects light to enhance your natural radiance.

Some humectant moisturizers (which draw moisture from the air) can temporarily plump the surface of the skin to slightly minimize the appearance of very fine lines.

However, if you’re looking to truly reduce the appearance of dark spots and fine lines, or really plump and firm your skin, it will require more time. Think about it like exercising—it takes at 60-90 days of consistency to see clinically legitimate improvements.

Trick #5: One Word—Collagen

Collagen has become an increasingly trendy term in the beauty and skincare industry. But before you go down the collagen-building path, we’re going to clear up a few common misconceptions for you.

First and foremost, collagen plays a critically important role in your skin, providing structure, lift, support and firmness. Over time, sun exposure breaks down existing collagen and damages the fibroblasts that make new collagen in your skin, resulting in fine lines and sagging. Don’t let manufacturers trick you into believing that applying collagen topically or consuming collagen will somehow replace or rebuild damaged collagen. This simply won’t happen.

Collagen is too big of a molecule to be absorbed deep into the skin (the dermis) where it is needed. Also, even if you were able to get collagen into the dermis, it wouldn’t play much of a role in providing structure and support to your skin because the collagen would be fragmented.

Ingredients like pure Retinol help support healthy collagen production, but remember, there is no secret ingredient that will magically transform damaged collagen.

Trick #6: Stem Cells

Stem cells may someday play an important role in skincare. However, don’t let beauty brands trick you into believing they use active stem cells in their products. Stem cells are highly fragile and once extracted from the host, they become inactive within hours. Plus, scientists and researchers have no idea what relevance plant stem cells have in regards to improving human skin.

Trick #7: Complex Regimens

K-Beauty has emerged onto the skincare scene and taken the industry by storm. It’s recognized by its complex multi-layered regimens, likely sustained by our instinctual belief that more is better.

But here’s the truth.

You want to use the fewest number of products possible to achieve your desired results. Yes, it’s true that regimens are typically much more effective than individual products. And, yes, it’s also true that some well-formulated serums can boost the performance of other treatment products. But, you want to limit your routine to just 2-4 steps in the morning and 2-4 steps in the evening, as opposed to the 12-step K-Beauty regimens.

Your skin is much like a sponge in that it can only absorb a limited amount of product. Applying more product will result in a build up on the skin’s surface which might lead to irritation.

Plus, in clinical experience, we have learned that clients who have many skincare products in the cupboards tend to be much less consistent with their product use. They are more likely to rotate through different products with the belief that this will help. In reality, these inconsistent habits will inhibit results. The key to achieving your best skin is to use highly effective products consistently.

Trick #8: Daily Exfoliation

Routine exfoliation is an important part of many skincare protocols. It helps turn over dead skin cells that naturally accumulate on the skin’s surface, resulting in a skin tone that is dull and less radiant.

However, some marketers have exploited and skewed this insight by creating daily exfoliating pads, scrubs and treatments. If these daily exfoliants do what they claim, then they will likely do more harm to your skin. These products fatigue skin, reduce its antioxidant capacity and damage its natural moisture barrier. The result? Skin that will require additional moisture and become more prone to irritation and redness.

Instead, exfoliate once a month with clinically proven ingredients that are effective on the skin.

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