It's Holiday time, and that means only one thing: your Facebook and Instagram feeds are FILLING UP with festive selfies. Whether you’re gathering around a freshly carved turkey, reuniting with friends at a Holiday party, or celebrating family, embrace selfie season with 3 simple tips for taking your best selfie yet:

1. Angle is everything.

Highlight your best features by holding the camera slightly down towards your face while you’re looking slightly up. Eliminate shadows, and show off your best side by slightly tilting your face to right or left of the camera.

2. Glow, don’t shine.

Shine leaves unwanted reflections on your skin that are difficult to filter. Prep your face for a matte look by using a great makeup primer and gently dusting your favorite light powder to finish and seal.

3. It’s all about the eyes.

Look well-rested and hydrate your eyes with MD Complete’s Eye Wrinkle Corrector. Apply a pea-sized amount before your eye makeup routine to keep cosmetics in place from day to night. Use it to seal in your brows too! 

Pro tip:

Smooth MD Complete’s Eye Wrinkle Corrector around the edges of your mouth to prevent that perfect lipstick shade from creeping into those fine lines. 


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