Dark Spot ExampleWhat are these darker patches of skin on my face?

Have you ever heard yourself asking this question? We have your answer - DARK SPOTS. Dark spots, age spots, and sun spots are different names for the same thing - a skin condition called hyperpigmentation. Think of hyperactive cells that produce pigment in your skin. Dark spots occur when excess pigment (melanin) builds up in a small area rather than evenly across your skin.                         

Oh, no! Well how did they get there?Graphic

Remember the days spent laying out by the pool and soaking up the sun? Sure, it gave you a great tan but there was much more involved regarding the condition of your skin. Dark Spots are typically the result of sun exposure — radiation from the sun damages the cells that produce melanin (the pigment that gives our skin color). These damaged cells overproduced melanin in small areas, causing the spots we see on the surface of the skin. It can take 10-25 years before we see the damage, which is why we often don’t notice the appearance of dark spots until we are in our 40’s or 50’s.

Great, now what can I do to get rid of them? 

Dark Spots are very difficult to remove. The only effective ways we've seen of fading dark spots are in-office procedures (laser treatments, deep peels) or dermatologist-level skincare. The in-office procedures essentially blast away the pigment that has collected in the skin. Dermatologist skincare works more gradually by slowing the production of excessive melanin and helping the skin to release the pockets of excess melanin by accelerating new skin cell production and exfoliation.

You're probably asking yourself right now, "What products can I use to reverse the damage on my skin from the sun?" That's where we come in! MD Complete Dark Spot Corrector is a full face treatment that helps fade dark spots and freckles while it evens skin tone and brightens complexion for a more natural radiance. 

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You’ll love it because you’ll see visible results. It dramatically clears and refines your complexion with its ingredient delivery system that enables ingredient combinations that were previously not possible. It is infused with Vitamins C, B, and E. Nutrients play an important role in your skin’s ability to maintain & repair itself. Consequently, our products are packed with nutrients like vitamins, minerals, peptides and lipids. Wherever possible, we harvest these nutrients in their purest, most natural state – in fruit, vegetable and botanical extracts, because these extracts contain other supporting nutrients that we believe make the hero nutrients (Vitamins A, C, E) more effective.

You can expect improved results over time — a brighter complexion that better reflects lights by the end of the first week, increased radiance along with gradual fading of dark spots and more even skin tone by the end of the first month, and significant fading of dark spots along with a much more even skin tone and radiance with a warmer glow by the end of the third month.

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