A Real Consumer With Real Results

A Real Consumer With Real Results

Today, there’s a lot of hype around skincare and the options are honestly quite overwhelming. There are different products targeting different issues with different ingredients all from different brands. Truly, where do you even begin to start? And how can you be sure what you’re investing in will actually work?

Meet Cathy, a real consumer who has experienced real results - results she never expected or anticipated when she first started implementing the products into her daily routine. She decided to try MD Complete after first hearing about the skincare line through her daughter. Unsure of what to expect, she, like most women, had noticed a change in her skin’s elasticity and hydration over time through its natural process of maturing and was open to trying something new.

“I was truly shocked. I was amazed how effective it was around my eyes! I thought my skin was improving, but then I saw the pictures and, wow, I could really tell the difference!”

Again, like most women, Cathy had tried a variety of products, ranging from more affordable options in drug stores to those retailing at higher prices in department stores. But she never came across anything she really loved. With nothing to lose, she took a “before” photo of her skin and began her new regimen. Slowly, Cathy began to see changes in the fine lines around her mouth; they were subtle, and yet, still noticeable. But it was difficult to determine whether or not anything else in her complexion had improved.

While in the office one day after a few months of usage, Cathy was persuaded into taking an updated photo to track her progress. She was hesitant because she really didn't think much else had changed. But she agreed, and in the same location with the same lighting, her photo was captured. When the “before” and “after” photos were placed side by side, Cathy was absolutely shocked. She couldn't believe the dramatic improvements between the two photos, improvements which had taken place over the course of only a few months. While she had noticed some differences at home, she had no idea just how effective they had been in other areas of her face, including the fine lines around her eyes. Even the change in her skin tone and texture was drastic.

“My skin looks so much younger. I feel like these products slow down the aging process. If I hadn’t started using them, I think my skin would have aged significantly more by now.”

In regards to the products themselves, Cathy loves them - their simplicity, their efficacy, their ease, and, of course, their delivery. She also noted how the system doesn’t require major effort and if it did, she wouldn't use it. Plus, she adds,“they last forever.” And despite popular belief with many new skincare products, Cathy experienced zero irritation, even with the high quality, high levels of active ingredients.

“I love how they feel on my skin. They’re not heavy or greasy, and they blend in so well.”

Like any other change, consistency and patience are critical in achieving desired results. But, as is evident from Cathy’s photos, these improvements do indeed happen. Finally, for anyone debating the importance of photos, here are a few words of advice:

"Definitely take before and after photos. When you’re looking at yourself in the mirror every day, it’s hard to notice the changes. They don’t happen overnight. You won’t see a dramatic change on a day-to-day basis, but you will see a dramatic change over time.”

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