As a medical esthetician at Dr. Zelickson's Zel Skin clinic, I see dozens of patients who struggle with stubborn breakouts during the summer. The summer is when we're all supposed to be relaxed at the beach, hanging out by the pool, and barbecuing with friends and family--not stressing about our skin! Here are my top 5 tips for getting oily and acne-prone skin in check just in time for summer.

1. Switch Cleansers
The extra warmth and humidity of summer often lead to an increase in acne lesions on both our faces and body—bummer! To fight breakouts this summer, consider using a cleanser with Salicylic Acid to exfoliate skin and unclog pores. MD Complete’s Clarifying Cleanser contains 2% Salicylic Acid, making it a terrific option. An extra bonus: This cleanser’s formula is also rich in Green Tea, Ginseng and Gingko Biloba extracts to help soothe stressed or irritated summer skin.

If you’re still experiencing breakouts, consider adding alpha hydroxy acids to your current cleanser to boost its performance and skin-clearing results. The MD Complete Skin Clearing Pro-Peel contains a mix of Lactic, Glycolic, Mandelic, and Salicylic Acids, and when mixed with your cleanser, is sure to help fend off summer flareups.
Whichever option you choose, I’d also recommend using a damp loofa in the shower to gently massage the cleanser into your back and chest (and any other area you tend to break out in) to keep body acne at bay.

2. Change Your Moisturizer
Think your moisturizer is starting to weigh you (and your skin) down? Think again! Contrary to popular belief, oily skin needs additional moisture, too—even during the hot, sticky summer months. The key is to switch formulas to something oil-free and/or non-comedogenic (meaning it won’t clog pores!), or switch consistency from a cream to a serum or gel. MD Complete’s Advanced Wrinkle Corrector or Healthy Skin Accelerator are both great options for oil-prone skin. The lightweight, serum formulas are rich in antioxidants and fruit seed extracts to nourish skin, and contain retinol to improve skin’s tone and texture. An easy and effective moisturizer with a single pump…and it multitasks, too? I’m in!

3. Use at Home Peel
Because pores are much more prone to congestion in the summer months, it’s the perfect time to try using peels. However, going to a dermatologist’s office for a professional peel can be expensive and may require some downtime. The Anti-Aging and Skin Clearing Pro Peels are a fantastic alternative and offer professional-grade results, at home. The Pro Peels combine AHAs with fruit extracts to exfoliate and brighten skin, and decongest pores. Even better, when incorporated into your regular skincare regimen, the Pro Peels will help jumpstart your skin clearing results.

4. Mattify Your Skin
Feeling shiny? Take control with the Healthy Skin Accelerator. This gem of a product will fight existing and future breakouts, and mattify skin to prevent the dreaded oil slick. It’s matte finish also serves as a great makeup primer to help cosmetics stay put all day long during those summer months.

5. Be Diligent with SPF
I know what you’re thinking: It’s going to be thick and heavy… It’s going to make me break out more…Trust me, it won’t. In fact, keeping your skin well protected from the sun will actually help keep acne lesions away. The key is finding the right formula, and then of course, using it daily. Look for a lightweight, broad spectrum SPF that’s non-comedogenic or oil-free, so it won’t clog pores. Even better if it has additional antioxidants to protect and nourish skin.