Medical Billing Software - The easiest way to manage your Practice!


M.D. Complete is the simple and affordable way to manage your Medical Practice or Billing Service.  M.D. Complete is feature rich and can be scaled for your Practice and budget.

M.D. Complete Details

  • Paper Claims (CMS-1500)
  • HIPAA Compliant Electronic Claims (ANSI 837)
  • Electronic Remittance Advice (ANSI 835)
  • Electronic Claim Acknowledgment (ANSI 997)
  • Seamless Built in Send/Receive of data to Clearinghouse
  • Document Management and electronic imaging 
  • Line Item Posting of Payments and Adjustments
  • CPT and ICD-9 code libraries
  • Office Scheduling
  • Customized office form generator
  • Customizable Super Bills
  • Customizable Patient Statements
  • Transaction Reports
  • Payment Summary Reports
  • Payment Detail Reports
  • Day Sheets
  • Patient and Payer Aging Reports
  • Procedure Code Usage Reports
  • Patient Diagnosis History Reports
  • Configure and Save Reports for later use
  • Export to Excel
  • HL7 link to external EMR Data Systems
  • User level security
  • Scalable for Multiple Providers and Facilities

M.D. Complete can prepare and file claims and then track the claim progression to adjudication - electronically and seamlessly.  And if you are filing your claims electronically, we can help you get started and work with or recommend a Clearinghouse.  You also have the option to file your claims directly with payers or with Medicare.

Manage and organize documents electronically!  Reduce paper work and office clutter while increasing your productivity and work flow using the built in document management and imaging capabilities of M.D. Complete.

Imaging and document management capabilities provide physicians and office staff with fast and easy access to necessary documents and information.  With M.D. Complete, existing transcriptions can be scanned and attached to the patient’s records quickly and securely. Paper transcriptions can be archived for permanent storage while electronically stored information is automatically attached and filed within the patient database. Virtually any document can be associated with a patient, payer, or provider and organized for easy access at a later time.

Hidden beneath the simplicity of M.D. Complete is the worlds most powerful, scalable, and robust database system - Microsoft SQL Server.  M.D. Complete has been designed specifically for the SQL Server database.

M.D. Complete will run on a single computer, multi computer office or corporate network, is easy to setup, and requires no special knowledge of computers and networks.

For more information about M.D. Complete or to download a free demo, please see our Medical Billing Products page.